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06 | Cluny MCR | The Glad & Sorry Issue [Limited Edition]

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Image of 06 | Cluny MCR | The Glad & Sorry Issue [Limited Edition]

82 Page Perfect Bound Full Colour Print Publication. Augemented Reality ready.

Artists within:

Gorgeous Bully
Sid Quirk
Silvana Trevale
Will Da Costa
Pippa Eason
Waldemar Stiepen
Lauren Perchard
Joel Porter
Oliver Garcia
Stephen Wooldridge
Mike O’Mara
Marshall Jefferson
Greg Coulton
Elizabeth Gibson
Ove Arum
Serena Dawar
Flat Rufus
Suso Flores
Cal McIntyre

Glad & Sorry is a description of a moment of reflection. In a literary sense it refers to a time in which one considers the ups and downs of one’s life and finds satisfaction in an equilibrium formed in a conclusion. You feel sorry for your misguided actions, yet forgive others for theirs. You miss the times you had together, yet you feel glad they happened at all.

Cluny MCR’s forthcoming issue - 'Glad & Sorry' - aims to publish work in response to emotions related to the heady appeal of Summer. The happiness and expression shared by friends, basking in the heat of our favourite season. However, when one reaches the end of such a hedonistic, visceral time, there comes an eventual point of reflection. A point that can be further examined through art in this Issue.